Here is a collection of joyful or spiritual birth stories for you to feed your heart.

Stories are the one of the best teachers of the heart. They inspire and instruct in a lasting way. This is why the scriptures are full of stories; so we can learn of and come to love God. Reading uplifting birth stories is one of the simplest and most effective ways to come to know and love birth, and feel connected to other women. Don’t underestimate the power of these sacred stories.

If you have a joyful or spiritual birth story please share it with us. It can greatly bless the lives of others, and help build a joyful and spiritual community around birth, a culture of birth that is centered on Christ.

Here is the Joyful and Spiritual Birth Stories Archive:

Fifth Home birth, First Spiritual Birth – Faith

Triumphant First Birth, Birth Center – Becca

Strength and Courage, Four Hospital Births – Cali

Here are some external sources of positive birth stories:

The Gift of Giving Life Book

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“I believe that how women birth and how children come into this world matters deeply to God. I feel that He expects the processes of conception, pregnancy and birth to be treated with the same type of reverence and faith with which we approach priesthood ordinances. I also believe that He expects women to protect their wombs, honor their ability to give life, and to participate in cultural and medical practices which bear witness to the divinity and power of women’s bodies and the birth process.”

-Heather Farrell