Joyful & Spiritual Birth group is a gathering of women who are pregnant, wanting to be pregnant, or those who are in support roles to pregnant women. This is a place for Latter-day Saint sisters to truly support each other as we search for truth and meaning in the journey of giving life. No matter what kind of birth you are planning, your Heavenly Parents care. All kinds of opinions and views of birth are welcome in this group, as our unifying belief is that birth is sacred.

The goals of the group are:

  • Prepare spiritually and emotionally to give birth
  • Get to know birth as a sacred ordinance
  • Build your testimony and beliefs of birth as joyful and spiritual
  • Build a culture of Christ surrounding birth

Neither the group or material costs anything, it is a gift. Groups meet in person (near East Valley/San Tan Valley, Arizona) or over Zoom.

The beliefs and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are central to this material. Though all are welcome, it will be the most useful to those interested or familiar with these Christian doctrines.

Start the journey to your joyful and spiritual birth.

“Birth is really and truly goddess work. When a woman creates a human body it isn’t just mortal: it is immortal. Because of the Atonement, the body she creates will never die. It will be eternal and it has the possibility to become a god or goddess. In the same way that men are ‘apprentices’ to their Heavenly Father and have been granted his priesthood power to ‘practice’ with, women are ‘apprentices’ to their Heavenly Mother and our creative work here on earth is ‘practice’ for our eternal job of being goddesses. …When we look at it that way it makes a lot of sense why so many of us feel women’s experiences in the birth process matter immensely. It is our apprenticeship, our training – the most important lessons we can be learning here on earth (including nurturing the spirit we create). Our Heavenly Mother grants us some of Her power and gives us authority to ‘create’ in Her name, just like men have been granted some of Heavenly Father’s power to ‘act in His name.’”

-Heather Farrell, The Gift of Giving Life